About me


Since graduation, It has been my greatest pleasure to create the artwork I sell to clients and galleries across the UK and internationally.

 I began my journey with clay as a mature student aged 42, now with more than 20 years experience, I feel worthy of passing on my skills and allowing individuals to create their own masterpieces as they learn techniques it has taken me years to master.

From an early age, my appreciation for arts and crafts was apparent. 

Textiles absorbed my interest for many years before I found myself on an art foundation course which led me to attend the University of Wolverhampton for further study. 

I have lived above my studio on the Claydon Estate since 2001. 

It's a beautiful, peaceful place to be. 

Living alone since 2008 has allowed me to focus on personal growth and discover a harmony which is so elusive these days.

 A few years ago, a beautiful soul shaped like a cat came into my life, Cats! the zen teachers of the world.

Gardening is another passion, so creating wall art to decorate the ancient brick walls just came naturally.

I look forward to welcoming you in person, it's lovely here in the Summer and The Phoenix kitchen on site offers a fabulous cream tea! 

Lucinda Brown

B.A HONS 3 D Design Ceramics.

N.V.Q Teaching and Further Education.



My studio is adjacent to the historic and beautiful Claydon House and gardens.

I moved here in 2001 after a prophetic dream, elements of which revealed themselves gradually over the years.

The canvas was pretty blank at first, so a lot of visualisation was needed.

The Gallery, mainly displays my own work, which is constantly evolving.

My passion for the material began on the foundation course many years ago. Seducing me from a career in textiles and dressmaking. 

 I still keep my hand in but more inclined to the clay these days.


Loving my garden. The courtyard garden brings so much pleasure to visitors and this is another passion. In the summer the space is full of bees and butterflies.

To sit here in the evening light is pure bliss.

Discovering late in life that one has a green thumb is amazing.

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